Judge not, lest ye be judged

These are my favorite words from the bible. GASP! Yes, the bible. I was raised Lutheran. GASP! Yep, I went to church. The lessons I learned in church are still taught. I believe those pastors to now likely be a silent majority. This is the kind of thing that causes me to lose friends, but yes. I still believe in what I learned there. 

Only God can judge, so if you believe something is wrong, have faith in your Lord that he will judge. Jesus loved everyone and died for your sins. Because of this, you are saved. 

Whether you believe or not, the Holy Bible is no different than any great work of literature–it’s subject to interpretation. 

Those of us morons that believe understand that it’s not actually God’s words written in the bible. We can see it was the work of man–and a frightened, small man at that.

But we have souls. We are all children. We are all loved. Jesus–yep, the Jesus you believe will rise again, loves everyone. His life was built on love and acceptance. 

I understand it’s very difficult at this time to maintain your belief in God. Because the words have been horribly twisted to fit political agendas. But, that is not what you grew to know and understand. It’s blasphemy. Taking the name of God and using it for your own agenda is not what was taught. 

There is nothing wrong with your brothers and sisters. They will NOT go to hell because you disagree with them. Because, you are not on earth to judge. You’re here to love. 

Nowhere in the bible I read does it state to hate. Nowhere.

And now, my atheist friends will have a ball with me, but people need something to believe in. I believe in love and acceptance. That’s what I was taught. I believe in that. That’s in the bible. But, you know, so many people just completely misread it. Anyhoo, prepared to be skewered. Bring it on. 

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