Robert McGahey

Apparently, I’m feeling the need to blog about the college professors that helped me become who I am. 

Dr. McGahey was an odd fellow. He’s also a Facebook friend and I think he’s amazing–always have.

He taught humanities. Which I understand is now on the chopping block at many schools. This saddens me. Humanities are where kids–punks–ignorant assholes, learn to be human beings. Why cut humanities? Just because it makes people more human? And less concerned with the almighty dollar? 

Humanities is where I learned that homosexuality has been around basically forever. And it wasn’t frowned upon. It was expected. It was a way of life in Ancient Greece/Egypt/Italy–way before Christ and the holy bible and the puritans of North America. Humanities is where I read The Odyssey for the sixth time. I saw things in it nobody else saw. Humanities is where I learned of Sappho and the island of Lesbos–how her amazing writing was destroyed in the Puritan era. It’s where I learned that guts and fortitude and the holy realm of courage to speak out, was frowned upon. It’s where I learned we are descendants of the puritans and were taught to believe that knowledge; critical thinking; openly voicing concerns; is considered bad by a functioning society.

Dr. McGahey gave me A’s on everything regardless of whether or not he agreed. But….usually he did agree. And whether you realize it or not, teachers have an enormous impact on who we become. He may be proud of me. He may not be, but I’m living my life from what I’ve learned in those humanities classes. And I’d not trade my beliefs for anything. 

That’s all–except maybe Google Sappho. She was incredible. 

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