Why Women? 

I’ve written about this a few times and been skewered every time–mostly by women. But from where I sit (and where you do too), women still make up over half of the population and yet, not even a quarter of your elected representatives. See now, I’m a mom; a single mom–a college-educated; divorced on purpose; kind of ass-kicking single mom. Many of my friends are ass-kicking single moms or moms who are married and feel like single moms; or single women. 

Ahhhhh, women. We hold so much power and yet receive so little credit. “I’m not a feminist but….I believe men and women should be equal under the law.” Sweetie, a woman can work, take care of her family, take care of her company, raise her children, keep her house (relatively) clean. She can budget, read, learn, work, support herself and her kids, and yet some boys–and girls! Continue painting us as the enemy. So, here are my two compromises:

1. We just go back in time where women stay home, take care of the kids and the home and the government stops assuming everyone should be a 2-income family. And we all just quit working tomorrow and done! Done! Pay your own fucking bills like you’d have to if we were all stay at home moms–from Sheryl Sandberg to Marissa Meyer–just drop out, ladies. They want you to, anyway. 

2. You treat women like full human beings–pay us the same,  treat us with respect, treat crimes against women the same as crimes against men. FYI–none of us asked to be born with the xx chromosomes. We’re just fucking people. Stop treating us like we aren’t. If you can’t do that, refer to #1. 

My argument to get more women into public office is simple:

We do it all. We take care of husbands, children, budgets, households. Who more qualified to lead? Really? Think on it. 

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