The Semi Colon Tattoo What does it mean? 

Perhaps you’ve seen this phenomena. Perhaps you have not. There is a semi colon tattoo drive where many are getting their first tattoo (because it’s tiny), or their 50th because it has meaning. The tattoo is a semi colon. “What’s that about?” “Seems weird.” “I don’t understand it.”

These were my thoughts so I did some research. You may hear the semi colon represents your support of the mentally ill. You may hear it means you support helping, supporting, and expanding treatment for the mentally ill. You may think, “that’s a great thing! I support that.”

If you do, please realize that the mentally ill are not just the homeless guy on the corner. The mentally ill are not just the mass murderer. The mentally ill are not just junkies. The mentally ill are your mother, your father, your brother, the person in the cube next to you. Mental illness does not mean crazy. Mental illness means an illness that affects the brain. Many of them chemical. I’m hypothyroid. Mental illness is, in fact, long term illness. It’s not hatred. It’s not murderous. It’s not horrible. It simply means, I’m moody. I’m depressed. I’m sad. I’m some type of emotion that disagrees with what your society’s thought on what my emotion should be. 

The semi colon was chosen because when one chooses to end his/her life, it is the end. A semi-colon means it’s not the end; there is more to the sentence. 

Not fitting in is not the end. It’s just diagnosed. We tend to think everyone else should be diagnosed as conformists. And diversity will cure the world. 

I’m “mentally ill” according to the social rules. To me and those like me, I’ve got it really together. So, examine your thought process. Get yourself a semi colon tattoo, but understand what it means. 

End of the sentence=death

Semi colon=there’s more to come

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