Social Media–it doesn’t translate into dollars 

There are days when I’d like to thank Mark Zuckerberg. There are days when I’d like to throttle him.

I’m not trying to be condescending. I just love looking things up on the Internet. Making sure it’s the right word and what not. You know.

So, until social media (which I realize is still voodoo to a lot of folks), I thought either everyone believed what I do, or, I’m a freak and nobody feels like I do. So, through the power of social media (Soraya Chemaly is a friend. Look up her amazing stuff online if you need help). I learned that I am not alone. I’ve just been systematically cut out. I’ve been happily cut out and fallen through the cracks. Which is fine, I guess, because all this online mumbo  jumbo is bullshit. Or wait! Maybe this is the only way to get to me. Maybe, this is the only way to get through to people like me–ya know, single moms (which 43% of all single women are now). Maybe, this is a blessing! Maybe, you should start paying attention to us! Maybe, we won the last two presidential elections because we were quietly absorbing everything. Maybe, we don’t like people who don’t give a damn about us. Maybe, just maybe, we’re the ticket to getting re-elected? We’re quiet (well, a lot of us–just not me), but we’re paying attention. We’re telling others to pay attention. So here’s what pisses us off:

You blow us off because we’re not rich.

You blow us off because we’re women (no, seriously, this one is a nail in your coffin)

You blow us off because we’re moms and we should be far more worried about our kids than your run for office–and you say that shit! Out loud!! Are you stupid?

So, here’s the thing, I’m a huge pain in the ass. I’ve been apparently risking stuff just to stand up for us. Whatever. I’m fine. Those that identify with me are fine.  Here’s what we believe in:

A. I don’t want a fucking handout. I want to be treated like a full human being.

B. I will support you if you support me.

C. I’m a goddamn mother and I’ve maintained my house–budget, education, lifestyle, and all because that’s my damn job–no ones paying me for this!

D. No matter how tough our lives are, we know somebody has it worse–and this is bullshit.

Now, you can take two roads. One is to say we’re women and never should have gotten the right to vote. Or damn it, maybe, you can see that we sacrifice everything to build a better place for our kids. Maybe, we have some great ideas. Maybe, we have been lifelong advocates for our kids. Maybe, we perpetuate the species. Maybe, there’s a lot of wisdom and compromise that comes with motherhood, maybe, we’re just as valuable as men are (if not more so.) :-O

But we’d never have understood any of this without the power to speak with one another.  Because we’ve been told to just shut up and be happy because chicks in other countries have it worse! Well, we’re calling you on your bullshit.

So, thanks Zuckerberg!

Someday the female nipple will be just as acceptable as the male nipple. 🙂

Jeebus, I could go on and on here, but dad is already embarassed enough. I’ve been told he reads everything I write. So, love you dad! Thanks for loving the kickass bitch that I am. 🙂

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