Power to the Princess

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant, talented, amazing princess with a hilarious sense of humor. The king said she was beautiful and should be quiet and cute to attract a man. The queen said she was wonderful the way she was, but people might not like her much because she was smart, talented, funny and a princess. The other girls picked on the princess and told her she was a nerd, a freak, weird, crazy, and that she’d never be friends with any of them.

The boys said, “I don’t like you. You’re weird, dumb, ugly, and shouldn’t ever try to be smarter or more talented than we are or we won’t ever like you.”

The princess tried hard to make everyone happy. She was quiet for her dad, smiley and helpful to the girls, and made sure to make all the boys feel smarter.

It worked! She got married to a boy far less smart and talented than she was. She gave up her dreams and potential so everyone would like her. But the princess wasn’t happy.

She’d done everything she was told so everyone would like her, but they didn’t really like her. They didn’t really know her because rather than be herself, she became who she was expected to be. She wanted to be liked.

After several years, the princess started to remember that she was brilliant, amazing, talented, and hilarious and that she’d changed herself to make everyone else happy. Then, she began to understand she needed to make herself happy. And so she just went back to being herself, and sure enough! The girls didn’t like her. The boys didn’t like her, but she liked herself and that was more important. The princess decided it was better to like herself first so she kept trying. It was hard, but she pushed herself and worked hard to be who she once was. Finally, she succeeded.

And before long, other girls and boys liked her too. Not because she was a princess; not because she was cute, smart, talented, or funny. They liked her because she had the courage to be herself in a strange world that frowns upon that.

Power to the princess.

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