You Read this Shit?

I have two reactions when someone tells me they read my blog. Or you know, anything I write. The first is always, “holy shit? You read that shit?” The second is, “oh wow. They read it and mentioned it. If it sucked and they hated it, they probably wouldn’t mention it, right?” 

Insecurity is every artist’s downfall. The more people that read it, the more insecure and afraid I get. Although, I guess that is the goal, is it not? Writing is an art. Anyone can hurl out a best seller. They really can. There are those of us that enjoy the art of it. It’s not enough to find readers. We want feelers. So, when I hear you read something, it’s pretty damn special to me. Because I know if you hated it, you wouldn’t mention it. 

So, thank you for reading.

That’s all.

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