I art me

So den, I’m at de lakes wit the boyfriend. We been togeder 4 years. 

And I’m sorry I sometimes write wit my accent. But I writes it de way my brain hears it. Ya know…in my head.  Dis pisses a lot of people off, but I’m quite certain dose people aren’t da Sandvigs. 

So den, I love living and I love life. I like it ven I can git people to yust loosen da hell up and enjoy dere lives. I realize dis seems crazy to many, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t care. Love me, hate me, I don’t really care. I art me. I art a proud Norwegian who tinks and occasionally writes wit an accent. I art nort Dakota. I art me. I have my college degree. I’m not stupid. I’m pretty kickass because I take almost nothing seriously. So, when I do get serious, people pay attention. 

Anyhoo, it’s ok to be you. I art me. I can’t be anyone else. I’ve tried. So, ya know, just live it. Life is too short to pretend. Be happy. And pssssst, I love you!!!  

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