A sense of humor and a case of beer

I write a lot of serious stuff here. And yeah, I’m kind of a serious person….in writing. But I have a sense of humor. I love to laugh. In fact, I believe laughter can get you through almost anything. 

When my apartment building was on fire. I went to my mom’s to watch it on the news. I wanted to go home, but there was no home to go to so I asked if she had some marshmallows. 

When teachers put down my son for trying to get people to do his work for him, I call him “management material.”

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 32, I said, “well, I’m wearing a different sexy wig every day if I need chemo because if I’m goin down, I’m goin down a sexy bitch.”

You need a sense of humor to get through life. If you can’t laugh at all the bullshit that gets thrown your way, you’ll just be fucking miserable all the time. Life is filled with ridiculous bullshit. You either look it in the face and laugh at it, or you curl up like a baby and die. I want to laugh. And the older I get, the more I enjoy a few drinks while I laugh. You are not what happened to you. You’re what you choose to become. And for me, that’s one funny bitch with a case of beer.  And a chip on her shoulder and an ax to grind. Either way, laughing at myself has made it all the easier. And if you can laugh at yourself, more people will laugh with you too. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my beer is dry. 


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