My mama said

Econ 305. The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination. My prof was a male chauvinist pig. He told all the women in his class to hide their rings, tell potential employers we’d no desire for marriage or children, or we wouldn’t get hired. I thought he was full of shit until I got to the real world. Then, I realized he was right.

We had to do a presentation about the class and what our final presentation would be. I did mine on welfare moms and the reason it’s easier in this country to be a welfare mom than it is to go to college with kids. He laughed through the entire presentation.

I wanted to drop his class. There was no way I could get through it knowing my prof was against me from the get-go. I called mom. She told me to just hang in there; or do what I thought was right. Then, she threw a card in the mail (we lived in the same town). The card was a basic “just hang in there” card. And she’d written “do not drop that class! You hang in there and show that male chauvinist pig!” So I did. I wrote my final paper on gender discrimination in education.

He spent the next two years begging me to change my major to economics. I got the first A he’d given in 6 years. He prided himself on not giving A’s. I broke through. As a woman. As a liberal. As a human being. That may be the proudest accomplishment I have. And I’ve accomplished quite a bit and will continue to.

Had my mother not sent that card, I may very well have dropped his class. Everyone needs encouragement. Give it to them freely. 

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