My Favorite Jeans

I’m not a huge fan of lots of “stuff.” Usually, if I buy something at full price, I have to love it. These are my favorite jeans. Chances are if you met me, I’d be wearing them. 

I bought my favorite jeans at a garage sale about 13 years ago shortly after having my son. They were marked $1.00 but the sale was soon over and the woman selling them said, “everything half price.” So, I bought my favorite jeans for 50 cents 13 years ago. Jeans at a garage sale are a crapshoot for me. My legs are long and my waist is short. It’s hard to find a decent fitting pair of jeans, but I figured if they didn’t fit, I was only out 50 cents, so what the hell? 

I got them to my in-laws lake place (where I was staying for the weekend) and tried them on and lo and behold! They fit! I was still carrying about 25 extra pounds of pregnancy weight (which I now call middle-age weight.)  they not only fit, they were comfortable!  They had the soft denim, floral embroidery and flare bottoms. They are Joe Boxer brand juniors size 13. 

These jeans always fit whether I’m 30 pounds up or down. They have a magical bit of stretch in them and somehow, magically, they always fit. Of course, 30 pounds lighter, they were a bit big. I could take them on and off without touching button or zipper, but they still looked good.

I’m afraid my favorite jeans are reaching the end of their life. The fabric has become thin from washing and it’s just a matter of time before they fall apart. 

I’ve contemplated paying someone to remake them, but then I thought, why not just put it out there? Surely, someone has an old pair of Joe Boxer (K-mart brand name), embroidered jeans in juniors size 13 lying around. Right? If you do, I’ll buy them from you! 

Go ahead and share this one please. I love my jeans.  


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