Hey Hillary

I just wanted to reach out to you as a human female person. There is so much I could tell you about growing up female in America, and someday I’d love to tell you my stories, but I understand if I want you to hear me and pay attention, I need to be brief.

Here’s what I think you should focus on if you want to win (mixed in with a few personal stories to maybe get your attention.)

1. Family leave–maternity, paternity, you know, family leave. When I found out I was preggers, (and yes, I was married and wanted to be preggers), I got a second job to save up for maternity leave because apparently, America doesn’t seem to give a damn about those of us who perpetuate the species and my company offered no paid leave (FMLA yes–which is 0 pay,) But yeah, the gubment says we can’t fire you for having a baby, so we’ll let you have your job back after you give birth. But we’re not paying you for it. You wanna;  have to work? Well, then you better work if you want a kid. That’s your decision, honey. If you wanted a job, you should’ve realized having a baby would wreck that.  Last time I checked, 43% of all single women were moms. No free birth control, no abortion, no sex Ed, no welfare, no food stamps, but good luck sweetie pie. I worked 12 hours a day and saved only enough for 5 weeks maternity leave with my son. So, yeah! Paid family leave–not just at childbirth but for families. If my mom gets dementia and can’t take care of herself, do I really need to choose between my job and my mom? Really? 

2. Equality in the workplace. So far, the EEOC says companies must hire women and minorities. Swell. Does it say anything about retention? Like, “we have to hire you to get our subsidies, but we really don’t want you here so we’ll make sure it’s a living hell until you quit?” I mean….is anything being done about that?

3. Education! My son has Aspergers’s and damn if every school year isn’t a battle. They try to mainstream him. I have to fight for him. I’ve had to call in everyone I can to help. I do this stuff because I’m informed and a huge pain in the ass, but why is it always a fight? He’s amazing–my kid. He can’t play basketball, but he can tell you why it rains, what makes a rainbow, where the frog’s blood comes out. This kid could be an engineer or a doctor, but because of the education system/teacher pay/lack of basic “give a damn”, he’s just thrown to the masses and made to sink or swim. This is bullshit.

So, Hillary, I’m going to need you to show you give a damn about my son and myself. I’m going to need you to pick a side and stick with it and stop going wherever the wind blows and trying to win votes from people who’d never vote for you anyway. I’m your base. We’re your base. Lose us, you’ve got nothing. You have my support, but I need to see that I have yours. 

That’s all for now. 

3 thoughts on “Hey Hillary

  1. I’m right there with ya girl. My grandson has Asberger’s & they try to mainstream him also. He was only recently diagnosed, so for the last 10 years of his life he has struggled through the system. So I LOVE your comment & you need to repost it to several of the Vote Blue sites & to HRC’s facebook page!


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