Say “I love you”

This may sound odd, but I’ve just committed to saying “I love you” to the people I love. I realize to many people this is a given. I was raised in a home that never used those words unless something terrible happened. 

So, as a result, I’ve had some trouble saying it to most people–except my son, of course. When you grow up rarely hearing those words, you realize how important they are to say to your kids. You say it every day, all the time.

Sometimes, people think it doesn’t mean anything if you say it all the time. Nope. That’s not true.  “I’m sorry” means nothing if you say it all the time, but not “I love you.”

I’m telling you this so if I suddenly tell you, “I love you!” Don’t freak out. People need to hear these words often. So, no matter how much it bothers you or how uncomfortable it makes you, I’m telling you anyway. You don’t have to say it back. The goal is to express that you are loved. It’s understood if it’s not returned.

It’s only three little words. Sometimes, those three little words make the difference between fulfillment and regret. It’s really no big deal. 

Thanks for reading!

I love you! 

4 thoughts on “Say “I love you”

  1. Thanks for writing this Julie. The last few days have been a very fifficult time for our family. We’ve been saying ” I love you” a lot. Funny how it does feel good to say and receive those three simple words. I love you.


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