We Just

You know, we just live. We just are. We live our silly, little lives and try to do our best. We try to leave our happy little mark on those around us. We rarely think of the end. Why should we? We can’t stop it. It’s going to happen eventually. It’s one of the only absolutes in our lives. We will eventually end. 

But, we never really think of the sudden end. We hear words of “tomorrow is never promised. Live for today”. And that’s all well and good until you’re 80 and penniless. Living for the day doesn’t necessarily mean buying everything you want or traveling as much as you want. Living for the day means saying “I love you” to those who need to know. Living for today means telling your kids everything you hope they remember when you’re gone. Living for today means getting out, looking at a tree, a flower, a mountain and taking solace in knowing the world is greater than you are.

Say what you need to say. Live like you need to live. Love like you need to love. Spend like you might be here to see tomorrow.  But remember, tomorrow is a gift. It’s never a promise. 

Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Today may be your last chance. 

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