The Experience Collector

Some people collect owls, hats, frogs, pigs, dolls, key chains.  I collect experience.  Some people already know exactly what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t, here’s what an experience collector is like.

We don’t like to be tied down to anything or anyone.  We like to be able to move on as we evolve.  We can one day be conservative and another day be liberal.  We like change.  We hold jobs that are easy to leave.  We keep them because of the experience.

Some of my favorite experiences are from working in bars–you meet all kinds of people.  Everyone seems willing to share a story or listen to one.  And you learn from every single conversation.  I remember being barely 21 and working at a bar.  I was off early and a very wealthy regular wanted to buy me drinks and just chat.  His name was Tom.  He always came in wearing a suit and tie.  He always came in alone.  As we chatted, I asked him many questions.  I learned he still lived with his mom.  I learned he made money in the stock market.  He didn’t actually have a job, but always wore a suit and tie to go out.  He asked several times about me and I gave fairly short answers.  I prefer to listen more than speak.  He told me I was “impenetrable.”  Of course, my mind immediately went to the gutter, but he said it’s hard to learn anything about me because I don’t talk.  So, I learned more about Tom and I learned more about me.

I’ve been a waitress-food and cocktail, a blackjack dealer, a marketing associate, a temporary employee supervisor (which means I supervised temporary employees), I’ve done fast food, I’ve done retail, reception work, accounting, sales, finance, communications.  My favorite thing is meeting and learning about other people.  My mind is always open and I always want to learn more.  I enjoy the experience.  

If I had more money, I’d love to travel because I could meet new people and do different things and have brand new experiences.  There is no car or house or furniture that would be better to me than experience.  

I have travelled as much as I can afford.  On road trips, I like to make many stops–mostly at bars, restaurants, pawn shops, and thrift stores.  These are the places you meet the best people.  I’m also drawn to characters.  People who live outside the norm.  

As much as I tend to say I hate people, in reality, I love them.  I learn from them.  My mind is eternally open.  

I’m an experience collector always looking for a new adventure.  How about you? 

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