A Tale of Two Kitties

I’ve two cats (only two, I’m not the crazy cat lady yet.)  I have Squishy-a Siamese Snowshoe cross and Mittens-a regular old, domestic tortie calico.  Squishy loves attention.  She craves it.  She loves to be held, petted, loved.  Squishy is the queen of the castle.  And then there’s Mittens.  Mittens took two years to warm up to people.  At first, I regretted getting her because she wasn’t a terribly personable cat.  I love animals, but I want them to love me back, you know?  But, she was funny….she’d try to jump to a window sill and miss and slide down the wall.  She tried to climb the wood molding in my house.  She was fun.  So, I had the loveable, beautiful cat and the funny cat.

Well, after my last vacation where I just set out tons of cat food and water for them both, I came home to a different Mittens.  She used to hide from us.  She used to not allow us to pet her.  She was once very sick and hid in the basement for days. I was sure we were going to lose her.  But, when I came home, Mittens was very loving.  I still couldn’t hold her.  She was still very afraid, but she started jumping into my lap. She started jumping into my bed when I was sleeping and waking me up by rubbing her face up and down my arm.  Squishy hated Mittens.  Heck, Squishy still hates Mittens.  But  I finally realized, maybe Mittens was held too close as a baby.  Maybe Mittens just had a tougher time with people.  Maybe Mittens wasn’t the beautiful princess.  But Mittens still wanted to be loved.  Mittens and Squishy now fight over who gets to sleep with me.  Mittens is slowly learning to trust again.  And it dawned on me, how I am far more like Mittens than Squishy.  I am slow to warm up.  It’s hard to trust, but if a person hangs in there and keeps trying, I eventually will allow them to be a part of my life.  So, now I am happy they are both with me.  I love them both and just because Mittens takes longer to show affection doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of our love.

Metaphors are everywhere you look.  You just need to look.

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